Work Experience at 288 Group

Job description

We are able to offer local students the opportunity to apply for work experience in two company departments:


Working in the marketing department alongside a team of product managers, this experience would suit those who are considering a future in a commercial or business environment.


Alternatively if new technology is your area of interest you could apply to work alongside the web development team in our ICT department.


We are prepared to consider applications for either short periods of just a few days, when the applicant can expect to shadow one or more of our team with relatively little opportunity for hands-on involvement.


If an applicant is able to commit to a total of 10 days or more it may be possible to offer them greater involvement and the possibility that the work experience will be paid.  The rate of pay will be determined taking into account your individual abilities, any previous experience and the length of time you are able to commit.


Applicants must be aged 16 or over and have achieved, or be expecting to achieve, above average grades at GCSE, AS or A2.  We are also happy to hear from undergraduates looking for holiday work.