Software Developer

Job description

We are looking for a strong Software Developer who has a thirst for interesting work and wants to help shape the new internal systems being built.

You will work within a small team developing a state of the art system using on trend technology such as .NET Core and Docker.

We are using Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) to develop Clean, SOLID, Tested code with an Agile approach to drive the success of our event driven microservices.

How to Apply

Please apply with your Covering Letter and CV by clicking the “Apply for this Job” button below.

Our recruitment process

We run a multi stage recruitment process so once you have applied, and have progressed to the interview stage, you will then be asked to attend 2 separate interviews:

  • First Stage: A technical interview using a multiple choice quiz and a whiteboard, then a technical Q&A session with the Software Architect and a Senior Developer.

  • Second Stage: A conversational interview with the Software Architect and other decision makers.

Software Development at 288 Group

Combining rigorous development and automated testing practices, we are always striving to improve the quality of our software and the speed of delivery embracing the DevOps concepts.


All software projects at 288 Group are carried out by our internal teams. We have a wide variety of experience from front end web development to back end software engineering and we pride ourselves in ensuring that our developers get plenty of experience across the full stack that we employ (both Windows and Linux).

Training and personal development are key ingredients in everything we do regardless of whether you are the most or the least experienced. Everyone has something to learn. Knowledge sharing, informal presentations of your work to peers, buddying up to assist and learn from your colleagues, and an open and honest environment ensures an excellent culture within the department where our team members continually grow and improve.


In addition to excellent technical and communication skills, suitable candidates will require an ability to hit the ground running, be autonomous but work with a team. Willing to try new ideas and to participate in discussions with no agenda.

Key skills and experience you will need:

  • Experience in Unit Testing and the writing of automated tests

  • Excellent knowledge of Design Patterns, SOLID and DRY principles

  • A working understanding of Domain Driven Design (DDD)

  • Understanding the concepts of Microservices
  • Commercial experience of C#, Docker & RabbitMQ
  • Experience with CI/CD